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All graduates can be certain of only one thing; the world will make demands on them in the not so distant future that nobody has even thought of today. In this era of global, ethical, social, environmental, and identity crises, the complexity and magnitude of which threaten or promise to change the world as we know it, on-going learning and adaptation must become a way of life. Against this backdrop, a good grounding in philosophy, which does not teach students what to think, but focuses on developing an open, flexible, critical mind, is an invaluable asset. Philosophical training develops skills in close and careful reading, thinking critically and creatively about meanings, assessing the value of ideas independently, and producing clear, powerful concepts and arguments of one’s own. These essential skills are vital in an environment where flexible, innovative thinking and the ability to learn are as important as a “cutting edge” knowledge base.


Nelson Mandela University is advertising two Philosophy posts in a space that is open for transformative creativity regarding what Philosophy in Africa is and must do.

Associate Lecturer / Lecturer: Philosophy > Close Date: 2017/02/17

Post Code

4776 4777

Job Title

Associate Lecturer / Lecturer: Philosophy


Journalism Media & Philosophy


Port Elizabeth

Job Type Classification


Location -     Country

South Africa

Location - Province

Eastern Cape

Location - Town / City

Port Elizabeth

Core Job   Purpose

The main core purpose of this academic post is to teach and conduct research in Philosophy at under-graduate and post-graduate levels at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University on the South Campus.

Key Performance Areas

• facilitate transformation, as well as humanising teaching and learning processes and practices, in philosophy
• participate in engagement within the university and wider community
• supervise postgraduate students
• develop relevant course and module content in collaboration with staff in the discipline of Philosophy
• contribute to the creation of knowledge through research and publication in accredited journals
• perform administrative duties relevant to the portfolio

Core Competencies

• Knowledge of diverse philosophical ideas and practices, with special focus on ethics and African thinkers. 
• Capacity to contribute creatively to transformative philosophical thinking and practice in Africa.
• Experience in facilitating learning in the field of philosophy at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
• Experience as a researcher in philosophy and a publication record.
• Presentation of papers at national and international conferences.

Minimum Requirements

• Lecturer: A relevant MA degree.
• Associate Lecturer: A relevant honours degree (minimally, preference will be given to candidates with an MA degree).
• Knowledge of diverse philosophical ideas and practices, with special focus on ethics and African thinkers. 
• Experience in facilitating learning of a high quality at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
• Evidence of research output, such as publication in an accredited journal.
• At least 1 year relevant experience for Associate Lecturer
• At least 3 years relevant experience for Lecturer

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Congratulations to Dr. Corne du Plessis, who has graduated with a PhD in philosophy on 4 April 2017. Dr. Du Plessis is pictured here with his supervisor Prof Andrea Hurst.



Contact information
Prof Andrea Hurst
Associate Professor
Tel: 27 41 504 4848


Prof Simphiwe Sesanti talks about decolonizing the philosophy curriculum. For more information, click here.