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Andrea Hurst:


2008. Derrida vis-a-vis Lacan: Interweaving Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis. New York: Fordham University Press.

Articles in accredited journals:

2015. ‘A schizophrenic out for a walk’: Anti Oedipus and Michael K. Tydschrift voor Filosofie, 77 (1): 109-131.

2014. So near and so far: The “caress” and the ethics of technologically mediated communication. Communicatio, 40 (2): 99-112.

2013. Art and the dream of self-transcendence. South African Journal of Art History, 28 (3): 91-103.

2012. On the Meaning of Being Real: Fantasy and ‘the Real’ in Personal Identity-Formation. South African Journal of Philosophy, 31 (2): 278-289.

2012. New Trends in Development Theory in the 21st Century. With Richard Haines. Africanus, 41 (3): 8-27.

2012. Complexity as a Methodological Paradigm for Development Studies. Africanus, 41 (3): 59-72. [ISSN Print: 0304-615X]

Chapters in books:

2014. Derrida, in The Žižek dictionary, edited by Rex Butler. Durham: Acumen.

         Forthcoming chapters:

2016. Derrida and the Psychoanalysis of Culture. In After Derrida, edited by Jean-Michel Rabaté. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Solicited Contribution, Submitted Aug, 2016.

2016. The language-oriented theory of Jacques Lacan. In Personology: From Individual to Ecosystem. Edited by Cora Moore, Henning Viljoen. New Edition. Sandton: Pearson. Solicited Contribution, Submitted January, 2016.


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Corné du Plessis:


2014. Exploring Experimental Video Gaming as a ‘Body without Organs’, in Engaging with Videogames: Play, Theory and Practice, edited by Dawn Stobbart and Monica Evans. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.


Karen du Plessis:

Articles in accredited journals:

2016. Mentz, K & Lauwrens, J. When boys turn into women: a critical reading of postfeminist masculinity in The Last of Us. Image & Text.